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Get the look this summer with Cleo’s top tips!!

How is it some women always look so stylish - Cleo Lacey our fab stylist shares her tips for you to look amazing all summer.
by Kathryn Danzey


Cleo Lacy tells us how to get the best from our wardrobe

Cleo is a Style Star, she can take a wardrobe and rearrange it to create new swish looks in an instant, read her top tips ...
by Kathryn Danzey


Guest Blog

I am so excited to have this wonderful lady, guest blog for me. I met Cleo a few years ago and love what she does! I will let her tell you in her own words, but she is so FAB! Hi girls! My name is Cleo Lacey I and I am an Image...
by Ruth Amos


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