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IMG_5466 Health and Nutrition

Goji berries the ‘red diamond’ fruit

Super food is a phrase that is often over used, but the bright red goji berry, really does live up to its reputation.

Stay hydrated this summer Uncategorized

How important is hydration?

Did you know these facts about hydration.

Veggiecol patent pending vegetarian collagen Anti Ageing

Veggiecol the collagen supplement for vegetarians

A vegetarian collagen supplement for those who want gorgeous skin without compromise

Skin confidence in 30 days. Beauty Tips

30 days to skin confidence

Dry patches, pigmentation, open pores, are just some of the skin problems we face. Discover the secret to smoother softer skin.

glynis-barber-ageless-220x220 Health and Nutrition

The secrets to losing weight for good with Glynis Barber

Lose fat, shape up and have more energy with the In-sync diet by Glynis Barber and Fleur Borrelli



Lava Shells the perfect home use treat

Soothe away aches and pains with a delightful kit from Shared Beauty Secrets
by Kathryn Danzey

manuka image 4

In a buzz about Manuka Honey

It's the time of year when I stock up on Manuka honey, the perfect antedate for colds and flu, this article by Oliver Wastie will have you hotfooting it down to your local health food store to stock up on this natural wonder food.
by Kathryn Danzey



Himalayan Salts the perfect detox

This could be the easiest detox going!
by Kathryn Danzey

Product Group

Winter proof your with NCN Skin care

Are you looking for a brand to wake up dull and tired skin, have a look at NCN skin care, now available in the UK.
by Kathryn Danzey


Andy Millward gives his top tips for healthy skin

Andy is one of the new generation of skincare specialists, he looks at the skin as a true reflection of our body's health.
by Kathryn Danzey



Marste Spa body butter candles the perfect Christmas treat

Body butter candle did sound strange to me but I had a wonderful surprise they are the perfect way to moisturise lack lustre skin
by Kathryn Danzey


Are low fat foods always the best choice?

We all know that eating too much fat can be bad for health but are low fat choices at the supermarket always the best option
by Kathryn Danzey

What’s the secret of Cheryl Coles super smooth skin?

Have you ever wondered what product the celebs use, this amazing range has got everyone at Vogue raving about it ...
by Kathryn Danzey


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