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IMG_5466 Health and Nutrition

Goji berries the ‘red diamond’ fruit

Super food is a phrase that is often over used, but the bright red goji berry, really does live up to its reputation.

Stay hydrated this summer Uncategorized

How important is hydration?

Did you know these facts about hydration.

Veggiecol patent pending vegetarian collagen Anti Ageing

Veggiecol the collagen supplement for vegetarians

A vegetarian collagen supplement for those who want gorgeous skin without compromise

Skin confidence in 30 days. Beauty Tips

30 days to skin confidence

Dry patches, pigmentation, open pores, are just some of the skin problems we face. Discover the secret to smoother softer skin.

glynis-barber-ageless-220x220 Health and Nutrition

The secrets to losing weight for good with Glynis Barber

Lose fat, shape up and have more energy with the In-sync diet by Glynis Barber and Fleur Borrelli



Nutrition for Acne

Can Nutrition really help acne?
by Kathryn Danzey


Ginvera BB cream the great skin saver

Beauty bloggers love BB Creams and Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream is one to try.
by Kathryn Danzey



Super foods for super skin!!!

I've been feeling sluggish for a while, time of year perhaps. Anyhow, I really needed a little inspiration to get my health back on track and a chance meeting with Clare Shepherd, gave me just that. Clare, has developed a prog...
by Kathryn Danzey

14 days of man things – No 1 Massage

Fathers day is on June 16th and we're going to spend the next 14 days sharing tips for the men in your life.
by Kathryn Danzey

Top tips to help go Sober in October

If you're worried about going without your favourite tipple for Sober in October, here's a little info that might help you to keep on track.
by Kathryn Danzey



Protected: Quotes for Success in Business

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
by Kathryn Danzey
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Long eyelash

Eyelash perming for a natural wide eyed look!!

For longer looking lashes the natural way
by Kathryn Danzey


Why can’t I lose weight?

Wanting to shift a few pounds, Hannah our resident nutritionist shares some tips!
by Hannah



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