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How important is hydration?



How important is hydration?

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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We always talk about the body being 70% water but here are some facts that you might not know.

As we get older the amount of fluid a healthy body carries decreases.

An incredible percentage of your blood is water: 83% of the blood that circulates is made up of water, so it’s easy to see that if we don’t drink enough water blood becomes thicker and can cause high blood pressure.

Muscles are high in water content while fat is very much lower so typically a man will have a higher level of hydration than his female counterparts. 75% of muscles and 22% of bones are water.

Being dehydrated by just 3% can have an impact on your body’s immune system  and it’s ability to function well.


So what is the best way to restore hydration levels when you get parched.  Ionic electrolyte solutions are hypotonic and are absorbed by the body some 40 % faster than Isotonic  solutions and Isotonic drinks are absorbed by the body some 30% faster.    

An ionic mineral drink will replenish health fluid levels rapidly and have your skin looking dewey and soft in no time at all, check out H3O Hydration by Rejuvenated

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