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The secrets to losing weight for good with Glynis Barber

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The secrets to losing weight for good with Glynis Barber

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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The In-Sync Diet is an age busting, fat burning plan that optimizes health.

Written by actress Glynis Barber & nutritionist Fleur Borrelli, this is a program that can change the way your body metabolises fat and re boot your system:

I’f you are of a certain age you will definitely remember Dempsey and Makepeace, the younger ones of you may know Glynis from her role in Eastenders as Glenda Mitchell, the mother of Roxie and Ronnie.

Well this lady looked amazing 30 years later and still looks absolutely stunning this book reveals how she does it.

Getting into the program will take some commitment but once you have your body in the burning zone you will shed fat and be in far better shape.  As your body gets back ‘In-sync’ you will have more energy and burn fat  even while you sleep.

The program is a revolution and walks you through step by step so that you discover simple methods to promote fat loss, create lean tissue and regain energy levels.

There are several ‘facts’ that are explored and blown into oblivion.  For instance we shouldn’t sip water throughout the day but drink when we are thirsty, this is the only way that you can become fully hydrated. The rules in the book don’t just bring about change in healthy weight management but also allows cells to work more effectively to keep you looking and feeling younger.

After the first couple of weeks you have the first couple of weeks under your belt you will be away, looking and feeling absolutely amazing.

Get The In-Sync Diet

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