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7 Reasons why you should give up drinking alcohol for the rest of January

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7 Reasons why you should give up drinking alcohol for the rest of January

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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Scary isn’t it, we are a nation of drinkers and cheap booze has made drinking at home the norm. The government is changing the recommendations for safe limits and I have to admit I was amazed that 1 bottle of wine actually holds 10 units of alcohol. Here’s our top tips to encourage you to ditch the drink.

1. It will wreck any weight loss campaign – alcohol provides empty calories.
2. It’s not just the empty calories, the impact on blood sugar levels leaves you craving carbohydrates within an hour of drinking. Regular drinking over time can cause raised insulin levels which can lead to diabetes.
3. Your liver will be crying out for a rest after Christmas and New Year festivities.
4. Alcohol boosts the production of cortisol a hormone that breaks down muscle and promotes fat storage. It also increases oestrogen production which can cause fat storage around the waste.
5. Alcohol dehydrates your whole body and stresses skin causing dilated and possibly broken capillaries.
6. You’ll sleep better, much as though a drink will help you to drift into a slumber, dehydration will usually trigger you to wake up during the night. Going booze free will mean your sleep will be more rested.
7. Alcohol irritates your digestive system, drinking even a little makes your stomach produce more acid than usual. Raised acidity over time has been linked to numerous health problems.

The first 48 hours are the hardest, so do something different at the time you would normally have a drink. Go for a walk or exercise, anything that will help to break the pattern. Stay hydrated, if you’re not thirsty then there will be less temptation to slug down a glass of wine or G & T.  If you are dependant on alcohol to function then make sure you seek medical advice as you stop drinking.
Give it a try, you might just surprise yourself as to how much more energy you have and your skin will definitely have an added glow. Check out more health and fitness articles on our web page at

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