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Winter proof your with NCN Skin care

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Winter proof your with NCN Skin care

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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I’ve found this range of products to be so nourishing for my skin.  NCN is an American brand made available in the UK by  The range has been developed by American medical aesthetician, Nanci Callahan Nivolo, and it really delivers.  It’s not a case of one product fits all but concise ranges within a range, from rosacea to pigmentation and general anti-ageing, there are products to suit your skin.

The brand has been introduced to the UK by Katy Hull.  Katy found that on turning 30, the years of neglect with her skin started to show and her skin had lost it’s vitality.  The quest for products to help was daunting as so many serums and potions promised great things but also came with a great price tag.  Lucky for us Katy found NCN and was so impressed she set up her own business to bring the product to the UK so we could all benefit from the same fabulous products.

I’ve tried the All Trans Retinol and DNA serum and found them to be just gorgeous, effective and hydrating without leaving my skin feeling greasy.  The really fantastic thing is that they can be used on the eyes too.

PS, Katy is in her 30’s and absolutely gorgeous, no matter what your age these products are fabulous and can definitely ‘Treat the Skin Your In.  The All Trans Retinol Serum is £46.99 and the DNA Serum with Juvinity is £41.99




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Kathryn Danzey
I have a passion to bring to you what really works in the beauty industry, from a moisturiser to the latest advanced treatment for anti ageing. After almost 4 decades in the industry I'm packed with info to share but never tire of looking for new things and would love you to share your experiences with us too. We're here to help you find that treatment or product that will make a change for you. Can't do without My Collagen Shots and H3O Night Repair. Love a great serum and UV protection

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