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Are low fat foods always the best choice?

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Are low fat foods always the best choice?

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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We all know that eating too much fat can be bad for health but are low fat choices at the supermarket always the best option. Walking down the aisles the words’ ‘Low Fat’,  ‘99% fat free’ and ‘No fat’ appear everywhere.  You know if you’re in the raw fruit and veg aisle then it’s a pretty safe bet that apples and onions are low fat but it’s the pre prepared foods that we need to be careful with and that can include processed fruit and veg.

The fact supermarkets know we don’t usually have the time to read labels and words like, ‘Low fat’ and ‘No fat’ mean its an easy sell.  These phrases are everywhere, from yogurts and cheeses to pasta dishes and curries.  However where there is a low fat equivalent of a meal often they have as many if not more calories, for extra flavour sugar may be added.

On top of this, simple carbohydrates like, white pasta, white bread and many breakfast cereals are broken down in the body in to quickly released sugars causing insulin spikes, which can lead to weight gain.  So you begin to see that a low fat pasta dish might not be so good for your weight loss campaign after all. Some fats are actually good for you and essential for health, the right fats can help to maintain metabolism, avocados and coconut oil are good examples of this.

Tips to get the best low fat options

Eat fresh foods where possible.

Replace white pasta and bread with wholemeal versions as they break down more slowly to keep you full for longer and stabilise insulin levels.

Avoid processed breakfast cereal, read the labels, processed cereals are usually high in sugar and salt.

Replace fruit juice, cordials and fizzy drinks with water and fruit teas. One glass of juice may have the equivalent of 5 oranges in, which means it has the sugar of 5 oranges too and sometimes added sugar on top of this.

Remember some fats are good for you, include fish, olive oil. Nuts and avocado in your diet also products containing essential fatty acids are great for the skin Collagen Shots are packed with acai berries, high in essential fatty acids and many other key active ingredients

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Kathryn Danzey
I have a passion to bring to you what really works in the beauty industry, from a moisturiser to the latest advanced treatment for anti ageing. After almost 4 decades in the industry I'm packed with info to share but never tire of looking for new things and would love you to share your experiences with us too. We're here to help you find that treatment or product that will make a change for you. Can't do without My Collagen Shots and H3O Night Repair. Love a great serum and UV protection

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