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LED lights for radiant skin

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LED lights for radiant skin

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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You hear of laser treatment everywhere, now most salons offer some kind of laser light for hair removal and a growing number are providing  rejuvenation treatments.  Laser light rejuvenation treatments can be quite painful as the light is quite intensive and heat is felt in the skin.

There is an alternative!

LED’s are a realatively new kid on the block but they are beginning to grow in popularity.  LED’s I hear you say, aren’t they the strip lights for emergency exits.  It’s hard to imagine that these small lights can have an effect on the skin.  LED therapy uses colour wavelengths of visible light (read the science bit) with specific rejuvenating properties and the really good part is that they are totally pain free!  Also all skin types can be treated regardless of colour.

The amazing thing is that skin cells have the ability to absorb light and use it as a source of energy for repair and rejuvenation.

Different colours produce different effects.

Red light at 650 nanaometers is absorbed to around 4 – 5 mm’s in depth.  Red light has been proven by NASA trials to speed up collagen production.

 Green light has shown to reduce pigmentation production by 40 – 60% which makes it an excellent treatment for sun damage.

 Blue light is excellent as an acne treatment.

 LED’s produce remarkable results for:

•    Skin Rejuvenation
•    Sun Damage
•    Acne and Problem Skin
•    Rosacea and Redness
•    Sensitive and Inflammatory conditions
•    Wound Healing and Scarring
•    Restoring Radiance
•    Combination treatments

It’s best to have a course of treatment, results are accumulative and improvements can continue after the course has finished.

Where to get this treatment!

Although this is quite a new salon treatment, the technology has been around for almost 40 years, it is only  now though that it is becoming more main stream.

In salons, typically salons that provide this treatment will have a a larger machine on a stand that covers the whole face.


 Omnilux and Dermalux are such systems, they have panels with hundreds of led lights in to give a powerful quick acting treatment. Samsara Skin based in the centre of Birmingham use Omnilux in their bespoke skin treatments.

In the home, you can with investment benefit from this treatment at home. there are some small devices on the market but one that has really impressed us at Beauty Business News is:

Britebox.  We ordered one to trial and were amazed by how powerful and effective the lights were but also the size of they system, coming on a stand you can sit in front of it and cover the face and decolette at the same time.

Britebox are £395 but you can buy at £100 per month with a 60 day money back guarantee and if you use the code BBNews at check out you get a 10% discount. Image on the left.Love-My-Skin-Compact-on_large

Love My Skin produce two fabulous little devices that are hand held and at just £99.95 for a compact size and £49.95 for a pen held one they won’t break the bank.  On using the compact size one I found my skin became more radiant in just a few days.  The wonderful thing about this is that the collagen stimulation carries on after treatments, so so long as you top up a couple of times a week the results will be long lasting.  The pen is particularly good for those hard to get to placed such as just under the eyes and frown lines.  I’d definitely recommend giving these a try, they would also be a great boost to work alongside any salon treatments you have.


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