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Breakfast to get you back on track

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Breakfast to get you back on track

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Written by: Hannah
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Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day but if you don’t want to have cereal what are the options?

Here are some ideas for healthy breakfast alternatives to cereal:

  • Scrambled egg and grilled tomatoes
  • Sardines/kippers/poached egg on wholemeal toast
  • Fruit salad with natural yoghurt
  • Omelette
  • Be Skinny Drink Me

Why is breakfast so important?

Literally, breakfast breaks the fast from the night before and gets your body going again. Breakfast has been shown to help prevent weight gain (Bazzano et al., 2005 and several other studies) because you kick start your metabolism into working again.

If you struggle to eat breakfast, go for something small like some nuts, a piece of fruit or a yoghurt or Be Skinny Drink Me, a great high protein drink without any carbs. Be Skinny Drink Me is gluten and lactose free, suitable for diabetics and vegans, it has green tea to stimulate the metabolism.  Having a glass of fruit juice, in particular orange juice will also help you absorb iron from your food. Make sure you drink a glass of water too to help keep you hydrated.

If you do have cereal for breakfast, check the sugar content as many are very high in sugar. The best options are porridge and home made muesli. Cereal can be sweetened naturally by adding fruit.

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