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Winter warmers, super low calorie nutritious soups!

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Winter warmers, super low calorie nutritious soups!

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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Baby it’s cold outside, as the temperatures dip vitamin packed salads don’t seem quite so appealing but a cup of winter cheer with brightly coloured soups could be just what the doctor ordered.

Studies show that by blending foods in to soups they keep us fuller for longer as blending food slows down how quickly food leaves the tummy.  Think soups think rainbows, here is a selection of just about every colour of the rainbow to keep you toasty and full without piling on the pounds.

All these recipes have the same base of vegetable bouillon but instead of the carrots just substitute which ever ingredients you like.  Sometimes I add some orange juice for a slightly sharper taste or I might add pre cooked pulses such as lentils or a tin of chick peas.  There are hundreds of variations that are quick and ready in minutes. We’d love to hear your recipes too let us know if you have a blue soup and not the Bridget Jones one with blue dyed string.

Roast carrot and garlic soup

carot soup


2 Onions

5 Garlic cloves

1 tbsp. grape seed oil

½ pint vegetable bouillon


Wash and peel carrots drizzle with grape seed oil and roast for 10 minutes, add garlic cloves and continue roasting until carrots start to crisp at the edges.

Meanwhile gently fry onions and make bouillon.

Blend all ingredients together and return to the heat in a saucepan, heat to the right temperature.

Spinach and garlic soup



Red pepper and tomato

red pepper & tomato


There are lots of other super recipes at Be Skinny Drink Me free e book

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