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Gaiam exercise videos that you’ll still be doing after the January blitz

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Gaiam exercise videos that you’ll still be doing after the January blitz

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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Any one who knows me will tell you that I am a reluctant exerciser, I eat really well, love the odd tipple but am not consistent when it comes to moving my butt.

Gym owners love me, I register and go a couple of times then spend the rest of the year thinking of a thousand reasons why I have too much to do.  I can tell you that Gaiam has changed my life.  I was sent the am yoga dvd to give it a trial, it actually took quite a while to get the cellophane off, you know how hard that can be.  It was actually about a month later that I worked out how to get the dvd player on and did my first session.  Just 20 minutes in the morning, I squinted at the timer (my vision isn’t great without my specs and it was early in the morning) was it 18 or 8 minutes that I’d done, the next moment it was time to lie on my back, first session over.

There are 5 different work outs one for each work day of the week, each focussing on a different part of the body, Rodney Yee takes you through the routines he’s developed and manages you to stretch where you didn’t realise you could stretch.  Some 3 months in I am addicted and can’t imagine my mornings without Rodney. the strange thing is I don’t feel I have to do this, like I do with the gym – I just do it, its a part of me. I didn’t realise this until I finally got round to listening to the short section ‘about Rodney Yee’.  He says exactly that – yoga isn’t about having to do exercise, you just do it as a part of you – I hadn’t realised this until I heard that.

I’ve always envied people who enjoyed exercise and it’s rather strange feeling for me to realise that I now do so without thinking about it – I also  started taking the dog out for a 40 minute brisk walk – so that means I actually exercise for an hour a day without noticing. The really big benefit is that I am extraordinarily happy, even though we have started with darker nights.

You don’t need to buy any expensive outfits, any old joggers will do, it has to be worth a try, the videos are literally under £10 – go on give it a go, if I can do it anyone can.

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Kathryn Danzey
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