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Chocolate to help slim down those thighs

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Chocolate to help slim down those thighs

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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Control Shape has been developed to maintain  results from slimming treatments, it has a slimming and firming action which limits the storage of fat by acting on Lipolysis stimulation.  The product has been developed to compliment Bioslimming treatments but it can also be used after weight loss to help maintain your results.

A true chocolate elixir to control the body contours and limit fat storage by acting on Lipolysis stimulation. I love it! I’ve recently lost 5 kilos with Be Skinny Drink Me and it is the perfect product to help keep the weight off my thighs.

Control Shape has a slimming action, while improving the appearance of skin’s firmness. Formulated with Theobromine (Theobroma cacao extracts) and Frigidyl, Control Shape limits fat storage by acting on Lipolysis stimulation and provides a long lasting refreshing effect.
It also helps smooth the skin for a more contoured appearance and youthful look.

Cacao is well known for its relaxing properties, it contains molecules able to stimulate the release of B-endeorphines (”pleasure molecule”) by human keratinocytes.

SAGE:- Bioslimming Control Shape should be used once you’ve completed your Bioslimming Program.   It can be used once or twice a day on legs, buttocks, thighs, arms and abdomen.  Apply and slightly massage cream on the area to be treated and rinse hands.

Control Shape is perfect to compliment all BioSlimming products, it helps to stimulate circulation and reduce the feeling of ‘Heavy Legs’

You can buy Control shape from www.westfielddistribution

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