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Check out Gaiam a great way to fitness?



Check out Gaiam a great way to fitness?

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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Do you find it all too easy to get through your day without having the time to exercise, I know that I can find it difficult to put the time on one side unless it’s the weekend.  Also what is your route to fitness?  I really enjoy yoga, pilates, ballet and walking, I wish I was keen on running but it just doesn’t do it for me.

 I spend too much time on the road and sat in front of a computer so I really do need something to help me to stretch out and be more flexible.

 When I was offered to choose a video from the Gaiam selection I was delighted, for me the A.M. DVD was perfect, only 20 minutes in the morning and you are refreshed and energised, ready to go for the day.  There are five different routines for each day of the week so you don’t become board and after a couple of weeks, I feel stronger, my posture is improved and the pain is gone in  my dodgy hip . 

 I’m totally hooked and will definitely be buying more products from the site, the DVD’s are just £9.99, which is an amazing price.

 If you click on the DVD press page there is a whole host of articles about fitness and help with which type of yoga would suit you.

 Why not give it a try, you will feel and see a difference so quickly.

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