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What’s so good about wheatgrass?

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What’s so good about wheatgrass?

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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Chatting on twitter the other day I found an amazing little company who send out frozen freshly juiced wheat grass. If you’re in the centre of London there are probably  juice bars on every corner but I don’t think there is a single one in Sheffield.  I was intrigued, not really expecting to like it but I thought there must be something I could add it too in a smoothie so that I could benefit from all that goodness. I placed my order and next day it arrived in a polystyrene box, so well protected I thought it might just have been kryptonite.

2 ounces of fresh wheatgrass can be the equivalent of up to 3 pounds of organic vegetables and it is claimed that it helps everything from inflammatory problems such as arthritis and ibs to helping to maintain healthy skin and eyes.  Of particular interest to me is that it helps with blood pressure, mine does tend to be high and I’m trying a number of strategies to bring it down.

The precious cargo was still frozen and in 15 delightful little pots to take out and use daily and they defrost in minutes or can be used as an ice cube.



I had my chief blender at hand to mix mine with Collagen Shots we have a rule in our house if you dare to make it you have to taste it, on this occasion he declined.  It was actually delicious and has become part of my daily regime.  Fresh Wheatgrass UK is a family run business, so it is lovely to support the small British Brand doing things differently with great customer service. You can get your little pots of goodness from they come next day delivery and definitely worth a try.

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