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5 foods that may cause ageing

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5 foods that may cause ageing

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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Your biological age is not necessarily the same as your actual years, we have not control over how old we actually are but we can play a positive part in how we grow older.  Exercise is a good place to start but some staple foods that you may not realise actually help to speed up the ageing process. Here are 5 foods that may not be as healthy as you think:

Milk: We are the only country that has daily deliveries to our door. Pasteurization destroys the enzymes, good bacteria, proteins, and vitamins found in raw milk. many people are lactose intolerant and it can increase inflammation.

Wheat: Whole wheat, whole grain, multi-grain, multi-wheat… are still highly processed, white bread has no fibre and a high glycemic index and it can cause inflammation in the digestive system causing bloat and wind.

Corn:  Corn-based fructose promotes oxidative stress in the body, which speeds the aging process. It has a high glycemic content.

Sugar: Sugar affects blood sugar levels, and causes inflammation. Sugar actually causes collagen fibres to become brittle and hard. This process is called glycation, the only way to avoid it is to avoid sugar – and alcohol

“Vegetable” Oil: Most vegetable oils are highly refined and will caused oxidisation, use organic vegetable oils where possible

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