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10 small changes to feel healthier from the inside out

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10 small changes to feel healthier from the inside out

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

By author of The BOOK: A Life Manual – Linde Taylor

 ‘The Book’ is a Life Manual that answers your questions about how to look after yourself, to bring about and maintain perfect health, wealth, happiness, quality of life and longevity.

Ten changes to your life over ten days… plus one more for luck!

‘The Book’ is designed to give you fundamental knowledge to preserve and protect your health so that you can “skid into your grave sideways as a Centenarian and not at a young age!”

– Breathing Properly – Practice a deep-breathing exercise both in the morning when you get up and before you go to bed at night for 5 – 10 minutes, preferably outside in bare feet, if not, ensure you are by an open window or door or on a balcony or decking for the fresh air.

– Posture – Improving your posture will make you feel on top of the world. Try this whilst you are sitting at your computer or anywhere whether walking, sitting, standing, working: sit/stand up straight, breathe into your tummy and up into your chest, when you breathe out release the air from your chest and then your tummy gently bringing in your tummy. Whilst you do this drop your shoulders, tuck your pelvis under and push your chin back and down so that your spine is straight. Ensure that you are checking yourself constantly throughout your day. An Alexander Technique specialist will assist you to maintain the correct posture habitually in everything you do. There are other important daily lifetime pelvic exercises to adopt.

– Water – Sip at least 10 glasses of water a day. Ideally, two glasses of water should be sipped before breakfast and again before going to bed in the evening. The rest to be sipped throughout the day away from eating food.

– Toxic Exposures – Identify and remove toxic exposures in your lifestyle. There are many around us that we do not realise cause health problems in the longer term, which ‘The Book’ guides you through step by step. To start, introduce one change a day. For instance, change your personal hygiene products, i.e. change your toothpaste to one that is SLS free and free from other synthetic chemicals; change your shower gel and shampoo to natural products that do not contain synthetic chemicals; gradually go through all your products including cosmetics. Then begin changing your domestic cleaning products. Labels need to be carefully checked.

– EMFs – Learn to live safely around electrical equipment. To start, get into the habit of turning your mobile phone onto ‘Airplane Mode’ when you walk around with it in your pocket, check for messages periodically by turning it off Airplane Mode, hold the phone slightly away from your body whilst it searches for a signal. Remember, your long-term health is important, you are not indispensable! When you dial out to make a call, hold the phone away from your head until it has been answered and then hold it a couple of inches from your ear whilst talking. Keep calls as short as possible and try to get into the habit of using a landline. When you text, get into the habit of turning onto ‘AM’ whilst you compose the text and then turn ‘AM’ off to send the text, holding the mobile away from your body whilst it is searching and has a signal. Turn your mobile off or onto Airplane Mode at night or do not bring it into your bedroom whilst sleeping. Adopt safe ways to work with computers and any other electrical equipment. This is so important.

– Salt – Have a full-body Salt Scrub at least once a week, if not daily, especially if you have been working on a computer all day or have been driving/travelling all day. This will remove harmful Positive Ions that build up on your skin, dead skin cells, stimulate your lymph, and moisturise your skin. SP∆RCEL.CO.UK prepares natural organic low cost products for you to subscribe to, that you can use in the luxury of your own home.

– Mind – When you feel yourself reacting to any situation, whether it be feeling stressed, angry or upset, get into the habit of taking quiet deep breaths and walking away from a situation, for example, say: “Can I come back to you on this please”. When you are in your own company ask yourself why you are responding in the way that you are with your emotions. It will be your belief/judgment of a situation that will raise your emotional levels. With disciplined practice you will start to observe situations from a different perspective so that your emotions do not overwhelm you. This will reduce your stressful reaction. There are many more tips to learn on this and it requires discipline to change old habits that do not serve you well.

– Over-The-Counter Conventional Medicine such as headache tablets, hay fever tablets, indigestion tablets etc upset the body’s natural chemical balancing act which eventually leads to more serious conditions. For these and many other common symptoms, although you may not realise or feel it, you are likely to be dehydrated at the level of the cells of the body. Start to drink more water; it is highly likely that this is all your body needs. Additionally, to help alleviate conditions get into the habit of researching for alternative remedies, herbal, homeopathy. Your main concern is to rehydrate your body. There are important things to consider when increasing your water intake, which are detailed further in ‘THE BOOK’. You will also need to look at your diet and establish which foods can help your condition and which ones you need to avoid. Foods are your medicine.

– Detoxification Practices – It is important to introduce quick and simple daily practices, such as skin brushing with a soft bristle brush before you turn on your shower and, after washing with natural products have a contrast shower, as both will stimulate your lymph flow. Natural products such as those from SP∆RCEL are an essential part of your daily/weekly detoxification routine. Detoxification is essential but needs to be introduced and stepped-up gradually to prevent severe ‘Healing Crisis’ symptoms. There are many different options and combinations outlined in ‘THE BOOK’. You should not wait to go to a Spa once or twice a year – you need to take more frequent steps to look after yourself at home as well as at spas.

– Diet – Reduce your carbohydrate and protein intake and increase consumption of organic fruit and vegetables. Do not eat carbohydrates and proteins together in the same meal. Do not use Table Salt, change to natural rock or sea salt.

 Eleven is a lucky number, so here is one more for luck…

Sun – The sun is so important for your health. We need to learn how to use the sun to its full potential to benefit our health; it is an essential part of our health regime. We must be more opportunistic for the sun: 9 to 5 is a thing of the past!

 “‘The Book’ highlights glaringly that conventional medicine, conventional farming, and fundamental technological development is detrimental to our mind and body and the natural environment. But it provides solid and credible information and guides us to where we need to direct things, for our better good and the natural environment.”

By Linde Taylor

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