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Top 5 tips for summer skin

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Top 5 tips for summer skin

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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It’s a little cooler this week but it’s been so nice to feel them on your skin but how do you get the best of summer and still protect your skin.┬áHere are our top tips for summer loving and staying young and gorgeous.

1. Our first tip has to be safe sun and our favourite sun cream is Ultrasun, available online and at John Lewis, this is the sun protection product that is recommended by dermatologists and anti ageing experts the world over. Apply once and you’re covered have to admit I top up at lunch time, this product really works whether you’re in the water or on the mountainside.

2.When you shower use tepid water to keep skin at a regulated temperature, if you’ve exposed the skin to the sun all day the last thing it wants is to be baked in the shower.

3.Wear a big hat, a baseball cap just won’t give you the protection you need – the bigger and the floppier the better.

4.Water melon and pomegranate have great hydration properties but they also give skin a natural sunscreen, try to have at least one portion per day in summer months.

5. Well you had to expect it, we recommend our fabulous product, Collagen Shots, what else is going to give you glowing, hydrated summer skin.

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Kathryn Danzey
I have a passion to bring to you what really works in the beauty industry, from a moisturiser to the latest advanced treatment for anti ageing. After almost 4 decades in the industry I'm packed with info to share but never tire of looking for new things and would love you to share your experiences with us too. We're here to help you find that treatment or product that will make a change for you. Can't do without My Collagen Shots and H3O Night Repair. Love a great serum and UV protection

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