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Get Fit and Have Fun: Q&A with Barry Watkins of Pegasus Military Fitness



Get Fit and Have Fun: Q&A with Barry Watkins of Pegasus Military Fitness

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Written by: Sarah Mitchell
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During the month of July, I thought I would look into different ways to get fit and healthy, rather than the regular join a gym and then avoid going. Yes. I know…We have all done that. I think most of you will agree, we have the best armed forces in the world, and purely for research purposes, I thought I’d take a look at authentic military boot camps. It was hard work, but someone had to do it. During my arduous task, I had the good fortune to meet Barry Watkins from Pegasus Military Fit.Pegasus Military Fitness provides indoor and outdoor fitness sessions in Chingford and Loughton.

Q: Hi Barry, so what constitutes a boot camp?

A: A “Boot camp” is a generic term for group fitness, which is held either outdoors in parkland or a similar location, or in some cases indoor spaces such as gyms and halls. They have become very popular over the last decade due to the rising cost of “standard” type gyms and health clubs, and also because they offer the opportunity to work out outdoors and with likeminded people.

Q: What makes you so different from other boot camps? As I’m sure a lot of others have jumped on the military fitness band wagon.

A: Although people call us a Boot Camp we are actually an authentic Military Fitness company, as my fellow instructor is ex-army and only companies that have ex service personnel can claim to be a Military Fitness outfit. We are different to most, if not all, other Military Fitness companies, as I believe that my partner Simon is unique because of his background. He served in an elite airborne reconnaissance unit called the Pathfinders as a Sergeant and was also P.T.I (physical training instructor). He takes our sessions to the next level and is an inspiration to everyone as he is unbelievably fit, but very modest. I complement Simon’s skills and attributes with my background in martial arts. I’ve studied Kung Fu, Krav Maga and hold a black belt in kickboxing and also a kickboxing instructors certificate. Between us, we put together the most dynamic, flexible and varied classes possibly in the country. We train in the glorious surroundings of Epping Forest for some of the sessions.We make sure we get to know every individual in our groups and actively encourage the social side of things and organise nights out. We enter some challenging and fun events and races. We’re set apart by our use of social media (such as twitter and Facebook). We’re very interactive and and this really helps us connect with people and spread our ethos across the globe.

Pegasus Go

Q: What can someone expect when they come to you?

A: People can expect a friendly greeting and even before the come along, we will always take time to answer any emails or questions that they may have. We start with a comprehensive warm up where everyone can settle in and prepare for the upcoming hard work. We then have the main event which will contain elements of cardio such as running, hitting, kicking pads, star jumps, hill reps, sprints and resistance work such as body weight exercises and kettlebells, and a whole host of other ingenious ways of getting you fit. We have rests and water breaks throughout, as well as a nice chilled cool down and stretch at the end. We are always available to chat, give advice, or just have a joke after every session.

Q:Do you cater for all levels of ability?

A: We cater for all fitness levels, and this is backed up by the fact that we have a member of Team GB, an Olympian and current UK ladies canoe slalom champion come along to a lot of our sessions and we are proud to sponsor her as well. We also have the pleasure of training ladies and gents in their early 7Os and every age and fitness level in-between. So, we are undoubtedly accessible to all. We don’t make people wear coloured bibs like some boot camps, everyone trains together and works to their own levels which sets us apart as well.

Q: What results could someone expect, i.e. level of fitness improvements, etc.? What are the benefits of exercising within a group?

A: Results you can expect from us are: improved cardiovascular function, stronger more flexible muscles, weight loss, more knowledge on how your body works during exercise and also an improved feelings of well-being, self-confidence, and a huge grin!

The benefits from exercising in a group are, as I’ve previously mentioned for the physical side of things, but you work harder when you have motivational instructors and are surrounded by people with the same goals as yourself. It’s more maintainable as you make friends and encourage and support each other so you turn up more regularly and reap the rewards. Gyms tend to be full of distractions such as plasma screens, thumping music, mirrors etc., with us you only have birdsong, fresh air and our ‘encouraging’ words.

Q:Do you have a set amount of sessions you’d expect someone to attend?

A:People can come to as many or as few sessions as they want. We are also quite unique in the fact that we operate a pay as you go policy, so you simply turn up and join in– no contracts, direct debits or advance bookings (although its handy to know if you’re coming for the first time). We charge just £5.00 per hour’s session, and I challenge anyone to find a better fitness experience for that price.

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