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For a slender silhouette try this exciting concept by Sleek Technique



For a slender silhouette try this exciting concept by Sleek Technique

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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Twitter is amazing, I picked up on one conversation where friends and I have to say much younger than myself, were doing an online ballet class.  I definitely needed to exercise more and the chance to dance at home with no one else being able to see – well that is apart from my other half and youngest son – was just too much to resist.  As a child I’d always wanted to do ballet but was apparently more suited to sport and as an adult I would never have ventured in to a class in a dance centre so this was my chance.

It’s so easy, for £5 you can download the starter program and it is the most fabulous way to keep fit, inspired by the gorgeous long limbs of  professional dancers Victoria Marr and Flik Swan it was an absolute joy and one habit that I am going to keep.

If you are looking for a way to slime and tone, this is such a great way to prepare for the beach.  Sleek Technique, Victoria and Flik are Royal Ballet trained and believed it was possible for everyone to get the chance to do a great ballet workout with an expert instructor.  They are sharing all the pro secrets to a beautiful, sculpted body via live, interactive, online classes.

You and your trainer, in real time, wherever you are via 

“We came up with the idea of delivering our effective, feminine workouts live online in response to the comments of busy mums and working women who all said how hard it is to fit exercise into their lives. We have pre-recorded workouts too but the advantage of our live classes is that there is someone there waiting to motivate you and give you feedback. It’s really easy; once you’ve booked into a class you are emailed a link to our virtual studio where classes are delivered to small groups or one on one via a slick conference line. You can fit in a class during baby’s nap time, in a lunch hour at work or an evening slot when the kids are in bed. You can workout with friends whether they are down the road or in another country! All you need is your PC or laptop and a bit of space to move.” Flik and VictoriaDT3_0111

Sleek Technique is specifically designed to create a longer, leaner, dancer-like physique and improve co-ordination, flexibility and  overall posture. Using authentic ballet barre technique alongside body sculpting exercises, Sleek is rapidly establishing a following of discerning women who love the results as well as the reliability and ease of its anytime anywhere access. Sleek fits seamlessly into your life whether at home, work or travelling.

What people are saying:

“Because of Sleek I can do an online private session live with my trainer or stream a pre-recorded download or catch-up session to my laptop or phone when I’m on set. It’s the only way I keep my body in top shape.” Bonnie Parker, body double to Angelina Jolie and Eva Green

“Sleek has changed my life! In the years since having my children, I couldn’t find the will or the way to get back to exercising regularly. Now  I slot in my Sleek classes in the evening when I’ve put my kids to bed.  I’ve lost 11lb, my posture has improved, I feel elegant and my enduring backache has disappeared. Knowing there is someone there to push me through means I never miss session.”  Georgina, Founding Sleek Member

Sadly I don’t think the phone will be ringing for me to help Bonnie with her body double work but I am having fun getting fit and I hope you have a peep too.

For more information on our reshaping revolution or to trial a class, visit or contact Victoria or Flik at



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