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Be Skinny Drink Me Review-Sarah Mitchell

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Be Skinny Drink Me Review-Sarah Mitchell

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Written by: Sarah Mitchell

I am a terrible snacker. I will admit, that I’d often go through the cupboards searching for something to eat. I recently lost four stone in weight through discipline and hard work and overhauling my eating habits…But some habits are hard to kick , and Be Skinny Drink Me has helped me no end to solve my cupboard raids.

The creamy fabulous flavour of Banana and Butterscotch is divine, and it keeps me away from the cupboards and full between meals.

So, I get to keep my figure and indulge in something that tastes so good, with no guilt!

Why not give Be Skinny Drink Me a try for yourself, you can order now at ourĀ shop

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About the Author

Sarah Mitchell
With numerous years of experience in the beauty industry, I worship at the altar of all things beauty and skincare related. Currently living in Canada, yet returning to the UK in 2014, I intend to continue with my career in the cosmetics, health, and beauty industry. I'm devoted to following and sharing new skincare and treatment trends. I am passionate about learning to love the person you are and making the most of the skin you're in.

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