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Treatment of the week – Shellac for long lasting summer nails

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Treatment of the week – Shellac for long lasting summer nails

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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For nails that will see you through your holiday check out the new power nail brands, Shellac and

Much more than a nail varnish but still with your natural nails for a flawless finish for 14 days or more.  They actually last me 3 weeks without chipping or flaking, once they are done you can forgetUnknown-1 about them, what could be better for your 2 weeks in the sun.

The colours are fabulous and just seem to be so much deeper than regular varnish,it blends the strength and high-shine finish of a gel nail treatment with the color selection and easy application of a nail polish.  A base coat is applied and usually two thin layers of gel then a final top coat – each coat is cured under an ultraviolet light to create a highly durable, glossy finish.  No waiting for varnish to dry,  you are ready to go.

Shellac and such power varnishes can dry out the nails, its advised that an oil is massaged in to the nails each day to keep them hydrated.

Which power varnish is your favourite?

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