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Treatment of the week – Facial Acupuncture

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Treatment of the week – Facial Acupuncture

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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The thought of needles is always slightly scary but the ones used for facial acupuncture are so fine and in the hands of  Maggie Brown so expertly inserted that they can barely be felt.  Maggie is the go to expert for facial acupuncture and eastern techniques, here she explains more about this natural anti-ageing phenomenon.Headshot v.3

“Facial Acupuncture involves the insertion of ultra fine needles, firstly in specific points around the body to promote internal balance and secondly, in specific points in the face to address particular concerns and needs. Through acupuncture the body is transformed into a balanced state, enabling the body’s energy to move freely to the face.

The insertion of these fine needles around the face can clear wrinkles in two ways – by stimulating energy flow and blood circulation, thus plumping skin and by tightening the muscles of the face. In this way, the face is provided with a ‘lift’ as it is returned to natural balance. Invigorating TuiNa Massage releases tension stored within the facial muscles and connective tissues, thus encouraging fresh blood and Qi (the Chinese word for ‘vital energy’) to deliver essential nutrients to the skin.

However Maggie isn’t just about acupuncture, she incorporates eastern acupressure massage techniques to stimulate  using hand-blended oils.  The wonderful thing is Maggie looks at you as an individual, she’ll show you massage techniques to use at home to continue on the good work she has put in place.

Treatments can be booked as a course of 6 or as individual treatments.  Some of Maggies patients, who do not live in London, come for Seasonal treatments which gives an opportunity to re-assess which oils they are using on their skin.

Sarah Jane Watson has been lucky enough to spend some time on Maggie’s couch and this is what she had to say: “At the end of my treatment my face showed an openness and freshness. I saw how the eye area was lifted and my skin was toned and revitalized.”

When you see how gorgeous Maggie is, you know this is a treatment that definitely works.  You can find out more about Maggie at

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