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Anti-Ageing Tips from the Professionals-Sarah Jane Watson

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Anti-Ageing Tips from the Professionals-Sarah Jane Watson

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Written by: Sarah Mitchell
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Our next tip is from massage therapist, Sarah Jane Watson. Sarah began her massage tuition in the mid-nineties with world-renowned pioneer Clare Maxwell-Hudson. After graduating she assisted Clare on her diploma course during which she qualified as an aromatherapist and started to further her knowledge of different massage techniques.Her work is trusted by some of the top people in the health and beauty industry and she is known for her high standards of care, calm manner and professionalism. She is interested in all aspects of natural health, well-being, and has a profound a passion for the arts.

Sarah’s Tip:

I am a huge advocate of dance, especially for women. Through expression of movement we can develop a deep relationship with our bodies and explore our sensuality in a way that is safe and positive.
Dance brings youthfulness to both the body and the mind. It encourages good posture, core strength and control, all of which promote confidence and self-assurance. It helps keep the body supple and teaches it to move with grace and ease.As we take in information and learn new steps our minds are put to work, stimulating the areas of our brain linked to memory and coordination.

For me dance enhances my connection to my femininity and through it I honour my individuality.  It keeps my spirit young and that in our anti-ageing campaign is fundamental.

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About the Author

Sarah Mitchell
With numerous years of experience in the beauty industry, I worship at the altar of all things beauty and skincare related. Currently living in Canada, yet returning to the UK in 2014, I intend to continue with my career in the cosmetics, health, and beauty industry. I'm devoted to following and sharing new skincare and treatment trends. I am passionate about learning to love the person you are and making the most of the skin you're in.

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