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Anti-Ageing Tips from the Professionals- Kerie Hoy

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Anti-Ageing Tips from the Professionals- Kerie Hoy

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Written by: Sarah Mitchell
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Our next tip is from Kerie Hoy, a master brow artist for Billion Dollar Brows. Kerie has been an advanced technician for 11 years and a masseuse for 21. Her passion for beauty came from modelling and a desire to change the way a woman can feel about herself which gives her great satisfaction. Her aim is to bring the best out of your face and body.

Kerie’s Tips:

Brows have their own system, and we know all there is to know on every brow, on every face. A big problem for brows is the growth, with under active thyroids and over plucking. So the Billion Dollar Brow experts have the perfect product: The Brow Boost, which is now 3 times stronger. This product will strengthen the hair follicle and the brow hair will start to grow over 30 days.

We have had amazing results with this product. Actually, we have not seen a product as superb as this for hair growth. The product is made from all natural ingredients and two algaes. As the hairs start to grow we can then show you how to style your brows with an array of wonderful products, that when used on the brows look like your brows without stencils, threading and the look of a harsh heavy painted
on brow.

Billion Dollar Brows is all about design, perfection, and style . You can work with the amazing brow pencil, which is as soft as a crayon, and the brow duo pencil which really picks up the bottom of the brow and highlights the brow for that WOW factor.

Brows shape your face, as they are the only hair we want to keep. You will always want to grow them and have them in shape, and should love your brows as much as we do at Billion Dollar Brows -the only Brow Company dedicated to brows.

To find out more about Kerie visit,and follow her on twitter at


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Sarah Mitchell
With numerous years of experience in the beauty industry, I worship at the altar of all things beauty and skincare related. Currently living in Canada, yet returning to the UK in 2014, I intend to continue with my career in the cosmetics, health, and beauty industry. I'm devoted to following and sharing new skincare and treatment trends. I am passionate about learning to love the person you are and making the most of the skin you're in.

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