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MYA Cosmetic Surgery Clinic are told to make adverts more attractive!!

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MYA Cosmetic Surgery Clinic are told to make adverts more attractive!!

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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A national chain of cosmetic enhancement clinics has recently come under fire from a series of online magazines for their adverts- because the women featured weren’t perfect enough.image004

MYA Cosmetic Surgery, whose celebrity clientele include Imogen Thomas and members of the cast of The Only Way Is Essex, submitted adverts to a number of online publications that featured the most common problem areas of their patients, only to be told to replace the images with something considered more aesthetically palatable.

The adverts shown in the images were a response to the recently published Cosmetic Surgery Review and a move away from using celebrities.  The informative promotion included photographs of body areas of real women with real problems pinching at their “muffin tops”, “jelly bellies”, and “bingo wings”, illustrating the problems that MYA report are the most commonly bemoaned treatment areas for their Vaser Liposuction procedure.

The ads featured a banner asking, “Can’t shift your…?” above the pictures, before going on to offer information about the new procedure, a minimally-invasive form of liposuction that means patients can drop two dress sizes in just two hours under local  anesthetic with sedation. There’s no need for an overnight hospital stay, and Vaser can remove up to three litres of fat at a time, targeting multiple areas at once. Many women report Vaser lipo as their confidence savior.

Advertisers at several magazines rejected the images, requesting that the body area shots be replaced with the body of a slim, tanned model in a bikini. Michael TilleyMYA’s Marketing Manager and the ideas man behind the campaign said:

‘We are trying to respond to the Sir Bruce Keogh Review by using real women with real problems in our promotions rather than celebrity patients but it seems that the publishers cannot move away from the images of Victoria’s Secrets esque bikini models. What the magazines objected to was posting pictures of models with real problem areas.’

MYA have since replaced the “before” images with simply the names of the area, saving the general public the horror of being subjected to pictures of real women!

What are your thoughts, we’d love to know – we think we want to see realistic before and afters so that there is realistic expectations when undergoing treatments.


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