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What is all the Buzz about Bee Venom?

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What is all the Buzz about Bee Venom?

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Written by: Sarah Mitchell
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Have you noticed how Camilla – Duchess of Cornwall is looking 10 years younger these days? She has been using Heaven Bee Venom Mask. Kate Middleton has also taken this beauty tip from her now mother-in-law and uses it as part of her daily beauty regime

The bee venom cream was created by celebrity endorsed beautician Deborah Mitchell, who has been treating the Duchess of Cornwall for many years. Her product line’s star ingredient is bee venom, while incorporating Manuka honey, sheabutter and other essential oils like lavender and rose.Celebrities who endorse her bee venom products include Michelle Pfeiffer, GwynetPaltrow, Dannii Minogue, Katie Price and Victoria Beckham.
For centuries, bee honey has been praised for its health and beauty
benefits, not to mention its sweet, succulent taste. Honey is not the only beauty gift from our buzzing, black and yellow friends. Royal jelly, a food-like substance used to nourish developing queen bees, is known for its high vitamin and protein content and is also used in several skin creams. But what most people don’t know about bees isthat their venocan also aid in the quest for a younger-looking face.
Bee venom, a recent breakthrough in anti-aging due to its restorative properties, is said to stimulate the skin and relax muscles that cause the dreaded wrinkles. It works by gently stinging the skin with melittin and apamin, both derived from bee venom. The skin reacts as if it has been stung, thereby jump starting the production of elastin and collagen,
which are essential to youthful looking skin. The bee venom acts by “tricking” the skin to produce these naturally occurring proteins.



• One major advantage of bee venom creams is that it requires absolutely no needles, which is a big plus fothose who are against injections in the face. Since bee venom treatments are topically applied, they are painless and non-invasive.

• Bee-venom is natural, which makes it ideal for those who are sceptical of using artificial chemicals, let alone a toxin, on their faces.

• Users of bee venom treatments will also still be able to make natural-looking facial expressions, whereas injections tend to make the face look more “frozen,” sometimes leaving the patient unable to express their emotions with prolonged use. Bee venom smooths out wrinkles, without the possible frozen look.


Heaven Skincare is available from Skincare Organics Ltd

Sarah Mitchell, Beauty Editor

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