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Lymphatic drainage massage

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Lymphatic drainage massage

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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This treatment could be a perfect way to feel refreshed in the New Year. Are you feeling bloated and suffering from water retention, then a lymphatic drainage massage may be just the thing for you.  This gentle massage assists the movement of a fluid called lymph, lymph is part of the lymphatic system which assists the removal of toxins by improving its circulation.  The light massage drains lymph fluid towards key points, the lymph nodes – behind the knees, top of the legs, small of the back and arm pits.

Lymphatic massage may also be used to drain lymph in the face, to reduce puffiness in the jowls and bags under the eyes. It can freshen and take years off the face, often it is included with an aromatherapy massage.

Lymph flows through vessels similar to our veins but unlike the circularatory system it does not have the heart to pump it, lymph relies on muscle contractions to keep it moving.  Exercise is the best way to stimulate this circulation, however a lymphatic massage can remove blockages and help to reduce cellulite.

All massage will increase circulation and assist with Lymphatic flow, however lymphatic massage is specifically designed to increase the flow of lymph and restore balance.

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