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Top 20 Anti Ageing Vitamins-Part Four

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Top 20 Anti Ageing Vitamins-Part Four

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Written by: Sarah Mitchell
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Top 20 Vitamins for Health and Beauty: Part Four

The countdown comes to an end…

All of us are aware of how important getting enough vitamins is for our overall health and well being. But did you also know that there are many vitamins which help keep ageing at bay? In my quest to keeping you young on the inside and out, I thought I’d compile a top 20 of what I consider to be the essential vitamins and minerals. After all what you look like on the outside is often a reflection of what is going on inside.

I must also stress a healthy diet and exercise, and the importance of drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water daily, not only help to keep skin, mind and body at optimum levels of health and vitality, but to also enhance benefits of a correct vitamin regime. No vitamin regime should be undertaken without consulting a doctor or healthcare professional especially if you require regular medication as there could be some contraindications with supplements (i.e. interference with certain drugs).

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5.SOD (Superoxide Dimutase)

This is a brand new superhero on the anti-ageing scene. It is an enzyme that helps to limit free radical damage,  and is believed to aid in cell repair, whilst  keeping collagen free from damage.

4 Pycnogenol (pine bark extract)

This is an amazing supplement to add to an anti-ageing regime. It has been used since the 13th century and is known for its anti-aging and immune boosting properties. It is up to 50 times more potent than vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than vitamin C. It also helps to protect skin against damage from free radicals.


This trace mineral is used throughout the body, and when we are young we have an abundance of silica, yet as we age this vital mineral declines. Therefore, silica supplements can aid in slowing down the ageing process by supporting and enabling collagen production, as well as improving skin elasticity and boosting hair and nail growth.

2. Sea Buckthorn Berry

We have all heard of superfruits , but this is a truly super anti-ageing fruit. As well as being used in skincare it is also available in supplement form and contains an abundance of vitamins, such as  vitamins A,B1,B2,B6,C, all of which can help to  improve skin tone and texture.

1. Collagen

Collagen is the cement, for want of a better word, that holds cells together. One quarter of the protein found in the body is made up of collagen, and after the age of 25 we lose it at a rate of 1.5% a year. The physical evidence of this decline is all too familiar: skin slackens, contours are lost, and wrinkles form. If we can preserve collagen, then we may well  have the secret to eternal youth. Yet, how do we go about maintaining collagen production? Is it possible? It is possible and I have the answer:  Collagen Shots. Collagen Shots are a new innovative marine collagen based drink that helps counteract the negative effect of ageing. They contain 10,000 mg of type 1 marine collagen in every 10g serving , acai berry, hyralonic acid, vitamins B3,B5,B6 and vitamin C. This marvelous mixable powder reduces  lines and furrows, on average, by up to 41% . Your skin feels so soft and the overall tone and luminosity is greatly improved.


So there we have it , my top 20 to keep aging at bay, try one or try them all , each have their own merits. But my personal thoughts are when combined they work, to keep you feeling and looking the best you can.



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Sarah Mitchell
With numerous years of experience in the beauty industry, I worship at the altar of all things beauty and skincare related. Currently living in Canada, yet returning to the UK in 2014, I intend to continue with my career in the cosmetics, health, and beauty industry. I'm devoted to following and sharing new skincare and treatment trends. I am passionate about learning to love the person you are and making the most of the skin you're in.

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