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Super Foods – Brazil Nuts

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Super Foods – Brazil Nuts

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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I adore Brazil nuts and find them an excellent snack in between meals, 5 or 6 are the perfect way to keep you going.  They are one of the richest sources of selenium, a nutrient that helps to form selenoproteins — a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent cellular damage from free radicals. So that means that selenium may help to fight against chronic diseases like some cancers and heart disease, selenoproteins also play a role in protecting the immune system by helping to form infection-fighting T-cells. A study has shown that selenoproteins can help with intestinal bacteria.

This amazing king of nuts is so high in selenium that a single nut has nearly twice the recommended daily dose. An average adult should have 55 microgams per day, and just one Brazil nut has 95 mcgs — and a single ounce has 544 mcgs. Too much selenium can be bad for your health, so looking at the chart belowthat is around 7 − 8 nuts for an adult


Table showing Levels for Selenium for Infants, Children, and Adults 
Age Males and Females
0–6 months 45
7–12 months 60
1–3 years 90
4–8 years 150
9–13 years 280
14–18 years 400
19+ years 400


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