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It’s bowel cancer awareness month!!

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It’s bowel cancer awareness month!!

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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April is bowel cancer awareness month and as I lost my own very loved mother to bowel cancer it is something that I am very aware of.  It is a disease that if caught early enough survival rates are improving significantly, we thought my mum had beaten it
but it did come back with a vengeance some 10 years later.

Please make sure that if you have any symptoms what so ever that you get checked out and if you’re brushed off but still feel there is a problem ask for a second opinion.  My mother was told the second time that it was just arthritis and when we later insisted on tests it was too late for her.  So please be firm and ask for that second opinion and if it’s someone in your family – push for answers with them.

One very worrying statistic is that there has been a significant increase in the number of men suffering from bowel cancer with a 64866_643644918984209_649869807_n25% increase in the last 35 years but in women this has only been 6%.  The disease is the second most common cause of cancer death in the UK after lung cancer on in 16 of us will be diagnosed with bowel cancer at some time in our life.  It’s understandable that figures have risen as we are living longer but the difference in statistics between men and women has raised concerns to see why this is happening.

The figures have been released for the launch of a new campaign by the Bobby Moore Fund Charity – The Make Bobby Proud campaign is having a push to spread the word about the disease especially among men involved in footballer.  Bobby Moore the legendary footballer died of bowel cancer in 1993, aged just 51.  His former wife, Stephanie Moore, is heading up the campaign says that in this die and age it’s tragic that people may be dying of embarrassment for fear of speaking to their doctor.

Stephanie went on to say that diet was key and we should make sure that we  have more fibre, fruit and veg, don’t smoke,  reduce alcohol and red meats.  Obesity has also proved to be a factor, it is all the usual suspects

To find out more about the Bobby Moore Fund click here and follow them at Facebook you can also buy Norman Giller’s book about Bobby, all profits go to the Bobby Moore Fund.


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