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Who will look after you when you get old?

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Who will look after you when you get old?

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

Has the thought ever crossed your mind? Oh my god, hasn’t it crossed all our minds.  My family all seem to die at 67 that gives me another 11 1/2 years.  I can tell you I am certainly not ready to sign out then, but what has changed in my generation.  My daughter lives in Australia and always says, ‘yes but mum, you are the new generation. ‘

Am I?  I know what I should be doing to keep healthy and fit but sat here on a Sunday afternoon enjoying a glass of wine, I definitely don’t stick to being healthy all the time.  Today, I didn’t have to look any further for clarification as to whether I needed to take care of myself, it was summed up by our six year old grandson.

I asked the ultimate question  – ‘Will you love me when I get old and I have a granny beard’ with total honesty, it was ‘No, nannan’.  That’s me told – his father, my eldest quoted the John Smiths advert: ‘Come on mum your moustache is frightening the kids’, he loves me really!!

Now I always felt our eldest grandson had a particular soft spot for me as I play football, do roly polys and have even shown him how to do handstands against the wall, but the thought of facial hair was a step too far’

My beautiful mum died at 67, she gave everything possible to us as a family to help us to go on to be who we wanted to be, she never did anything wrong it was just the cancer odds were stacked against her, will they be for me, I really don’t know.  What I do know is that, we need to take responsibility for ourselves and keep in shape for as long as we can, so tomorrow it’s back to juicing and exercising, be it in my own unconventional way that works for me.  We are doing an e book at the moment on what really works in the simplest of ways, knowing that most of us veer off the straight and narrow much of the time.  Hope you’ll join us and give us your feed back so that we can stay young together, we might be slightly more lined and hand stands will be a thing of the past but we have too much to do before we get old.  I’m actually hoping our grandson doesn’t meant it, when the family looked after Alfie our rather old labrador,

– see the photo – he loves him even with a grey beard.  Our free e book will be published soon and we would love your feed back because it is a work in progress on what really works for all of us.  Keep in touch, honest and real interaction will find out what works, not government figures.  Statistics say that we are dying for 15 years – lets change that, I want to be the spritely 90 year old and challenge my grandson to do a roly poly in his 50’s. The ball is in our court – let’s do it!!!

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Kathryn Danzey
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