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We solve the top 5 beauty problems!!



We solve the top 5 beauty problems!!

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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What are the top 5 beauty problems.

Well I suppose fine lines would be the first one!

Being as we are Rejuvenated Ltd we have a multitude of answers for that one, from CollagenShots to the Diamond Touch microdermabrasion system – we have so many answers but what are the 5 most common problems.

At number 5 Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused in the dermis, the deeper layer of the skin, where over time, the stretching of the skin causes elasticity to be lost and the breakdown of connective fibres.
They can appear anywhere the skin has been stretched and are usually the result of weight gain and loss or occur during pregnancy and adolescent growth spurts. Genetics also play a part as some people seem to be more susceptible than others to developing stretch marks. At first, they appear pink or brown, depending on your colouring and then usually fade to something more like your skin colour, but with a translucence.

Is there a solution? Keeping your skin well moisturised and using a cream that boosts collagen (such as one containing retinol, a vitamin A derivative) will help maintain the skin’s condition so could help prevent or lessen their development as well as help them to fade to a degree. Good creams to look out for include RoC’s Retinol Anti-Stretch Marks, £14.99, and Clarins new Stretch Mark Control, £31.
Collagen Shots help with skin elasticity so they are perfect to take at times when skin is stretching such as pregnancy or at times of weight loss.


At number 4 Spider veins
Thread veins on the face are most likely caused by sun exposure, alcohol and smoking -the older you get, and the thinner your skin gets, the more visible they become.

The solution: Little thread veins can be zapped with ipl that use specific wavelengths of light to target and destroy blood vessels under the skin. Depending on the area and number of thread veins, one to three sessions are usually needed. Thread veins can still pop up in untreated areas afterwards, but it is on the whole a very effective treatment and well worth the couple of hundred pounds it costs.

If you suffer frequent flushing or persistent redness, see your GP or a dermatologist to rule out rosacea. While it can’t be cured, it can be controlled and the sooner you start treating it, the better. Treatments include antibiotics (while rosacea is not bacterial, antibiotics help with inflammation), topical retinoids and lasers.

At number 3 Excessive hari growth

I think this is summarised as I recently asked my eldest grandson if he would still love me if I had a granny beard, the answer in a flash was ‘No”. Facial hair is governed by genetics and age. Hormonal imbalances could also be a culprit, but you’d be likely to have other symptoms too.

The solution: The only way to solve the problem of excess hair on your face is to remove it. Or bleach it, though generally this only generates good results on fine hair. There are the low-tech methods, including depilatories, waxing and threading, all of which are good, but have short-lived results.

For longer-term results try Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or laser hair removal. Both zap hairs with light and either damage or destroy the hair follicle. The danger with the latter is the risk of pigmentation, so personal recommendation is probably best when looking for a practitioner.

As not all hairs are growing at the same rate at any given time, several sessions are needed over a period of months to ensure they are all zapped. Although you can have these procedures in a beauty salon or spa, do check the practitioner’s qualifications.

At number 2

The Spotty back

As the skin on your back has a high proportion of oil glands, if you add perspiration from exercise or getting overheated in clothes you may get breakouts. There’s usually a build-up of dead skin cells too as it is hard to exfoliate your back, which in turn leads to blemishes.

The solution: Use a long-handled natural bristle brush in the shower to keep your back free of dead surface skin. You could try a specialist ‘back facial’, such as Guinot Back Hydradermie, £46 to £49
If ‘backne’ is an extension of facial spots, see a dermatologist, who can recommend specialist creams and medicines, rather than suffering in silence.

At number 1

Believe it or not it is those dreaded chicken bumps on the back of our arms – they are the worst offender out there.  Bumpy pimples on the backs of the upper arms are annoying and unsightly. They aren’t related to acne, but are usually caused by a build-up of keratin (the protein found in the skin’s outer layers) and your skin not shedding completely.

The solution: Exfoliate daily, using a gentle scrub or try body brushing with a loofah or natural scrub brush.  Microdermabasion is a big help, read our article to see the best alternative for you.


There you go beauty problems all sorted, if we’ve not addressed yours check out our Beauty Problems section.



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