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Top tips to Get the Look with Daniel Sandler

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Top tips to Get the Look with Daniel Sandler

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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We are so lucky that Daniel has shared his top tips on how to get this fabulous look, there is even a list of products needed to achieve it, just click on the products below and you can have them on their way to you in time to practise for this weekend.

Products used

Retexturising Face Primer
Invisible Radiance foundation and concealer
Invisible Veil loose powder
Scandal at Midnight
Sculpt and Slim
Instant Tan
Jumbo Jet mascara
Black Velvet eye liner
Luxury Matte Lipstick Nouveau


Step by step guide to create the look:


  1. Apply the Retexturising Face Primer all over the face to help the makeup stay flawless for longer.
  2. Next using the Invisible Radiance foundation and concealer, apply the pretty, dewy base all over the skin and using the Concealer Brush, apply the Concealer where needed.
  3. Gently sweep the Instant Tan all over the face to add a natural looking warmth to your skin, don’t forget to take it in to the hairline, over the ears and under the chin and down the neck.


To sculpt those cheeks

Sculpt and Slim

1. Sweep your contour colour under your cheekbone using a soft, angled brush. You can find your cheekbone easily using your fingers – the colour should go in the hollow just beneath it. At this point the colour will look quite strong, but don’t panic! This is where we blend; using your fingers, blend the line upwards. If you blend down, you will lose the height of your cheekbone and your face will just look muddy.

2. To make your nose look straighter, use your fingers to rub a little contour powder along the sides of your nose. Blend well. Don’t go right to the tip of your nose or it will end up looking too thin. If you want your nose to appear shorter, run a little contour along the nostrils.

4.  If your chin is starting to droop a little, just sweep a touch of contour powder under the jaw line to instantly hide any saggy bits and look years younger.

My top tip when contouring: to get that celebrity look, brush a little bit of the contour powder above the inner corner of your eye up to the brow – you’ll instantly see your eyes look more defined and really pop!



Scandal at Midnight

1: Apply Desire (Lilac Grey) onto eyelid and blend into socket. Then sweep some under lower lash line. Add more to the outside corner of eyes winging it out and upwards.
2: Apply Wicked (Black) close to the upper and lower lash line and in the socket.
3: Sweep Pure (White) under the brow to highlight and in the inside corner of eyes.
4: For a special effect apply Dream (Glitter) over any of the shadows for a sparkling finish.

5: Take the Black Velvet eye liner and apply to the waterline and under the lower lash line, smudge gently with a Smudger brush for a softer line.

6: Using the Jumbo Jet mascara build up the layers slowly to get volume and a real blackness to the lashes, don’t forget the lashes at the edges.



Luxury Matte Lipstick Nouveau

  1. Apply the Retexturising Face Primer to the lips to help lock the lipstick in place make it last longer and helps stop feathering.
  2. Using a lip brush apply the lipstick carefully to the top lip taking it right to the edges of the mouth and then the lower lip.
  3. Blot the lips carefully with a tissue and repeat step 2.


And finally to give your makeup that professional finish sprinkle a tiny amount of Invisible Veil loose powder in to the palms of your very dry hands, rub them together till the powder is dispersed evenly over your hands then very gently press your finger tips on your face where you want to set your makeup to help it last longer. See my video for this technique

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