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Top 5 tips for recruiting staff

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Top 5 tips for recruiting staff

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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When you’ve worked hard to build up your customer base it can be a real worry when you have to trust your precious customers with a new employee.  How do you find the right person to work to your standards?  Fit in with the rest of the team?  Become a reliable long term staff member?  Recruiting is a minefield, particularly difficult when the salon environment dictates everyone works in close proximity and so much relies on personality.

Follow my TOP 5 TIPS for recruiting new staff and take some of the risk out of the process.

1               If you are recruiting to replace,  or recruiting an additional team member – be realistic about what the job involves.  Think of the typical tasks on a typical day you want this person to do.  List a) the working hours b) the type of work which makes up your core business and where you have an skill/enthusiasm gap with your existing team, c) your expectations regarding overtime/cleaning/covering holidays & sickness/personal appearance.  Give this list to an existing colleague  – is it an accurate reflection of how you work?  Don’t oversell your job, or gloss over the less appealing aspects of the work – be totally honest so no one’s got false expectations – they only lead to mutual disappointment when the new person starts.

2               List the core skills you want your new recruit to bring with them.   Which qualifications and what type of experience are essential?  Once you have identified what you need them to know and what they need to be capable of, think of how you need them to act with their colleagues and your customers.  Think about what type of behaviours you want your new person to display.  Quiet and conscientious – happy to discreetly listen to your customers’ chat?  Or vivacious and friendly, quick to share their own opinion and generate energy and conversation?   Not only is doing the job important, a friendly, flexible approach at work is essential.

3               Now you’ve analysed your job and thought through the type of behaviour which is important in your workplace.  Where is this person likely to be?  A college graduate will need an investment of your time and support, but their lack of experience may mean no bad habits!   An experienced person will have confidence in their own way of working – if that way meets your standards they may hit the ground running.   Ask existing employees or trade contacts if they know of anyone looking for a new challenge.   Use Social Media and your website to generate interest in your job as well as all the normal channels to get word out that you’re hiring.

4               Top Tip number 2 gave you a clear picture of the type of person who will succeed in your job, make sure anyone you speak to meets your essential criteria regarding skills, qualifications and experience before you invest much time in interviewing them.   Don’t give too much away about the type of person you are looking for at this stage – maybe have a quick chat on the phone.  Until you meet them for interview the purpose of you talking about your job is to generate interest and filter out the potential applicants who don’t meet the essential criteria.

5               Hopefully you will now have a sort list to interview.  Prepare at least 5 standard questions which get them talking about what you have identified as important to success in your job.  Try and meet your top 3-5 applicants as close together as possible so you are fair in your recollection of their attributes when you make a decision.  Aim to spend at least half an hour somewhere private and undisturbed, maybe away from the salon.  They should do 70% of the talking, ask them simple open questions then listen to their answers.   Good questions establish what they enjoy doing at work,  probe them about how they have handled difficult situations, find out why they want to move jobs or what is important to them in choosing a new employer.  Gather your information before explaining what you are looking for, otherwise the natural thing for them to do is tell you what you have told them you want to hear.

Finally, if you have followed my Top 5 Tips and more than one applicant meets your essential criteria, and they all are displaying the type of behaviours at interview you would like to see in your salon – pick the one you like best.  You can be confident in the fact you have minimised the risk of making a mistake.   Gut instinct does play a role in hiring new staff – at the end of your recruitment process not at the start!

For practical assistance in hiring new staff, either with the preparation of standard criteria or interview questions call Jill Jones of Mitchells People Solutions.  Jill has provided big corporations and small businesses with HR advice for 20 years – from hiring to firing and everything inbetween.









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