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Defencil Rescue Serum

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Defencil Rescue Serum

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

The sudden cold snap hitting the UK is a red alert for dry skin sufferers!

Low humidity & dry cold winds outside + central heating inside = flaking & itching49898

Defensil Rescue Serum has been shown in trials carried out in the mountains of Switzerland to reduce extreme dryness, itching & flaking. Defensil Rescue Serum combines two key natural ingredients a concentrated extract from Cardiospermum seed and cold pressed Echium Oil, which have been shown in combination in trials to stabilise and regenerate the skin barrier and act effectively against itching caused by dry, chapped or flaking skin and eczema.

Two independent clinical trials have been carried out on Defensil in Switzerland against standard strength hydrocortisone creams. Defensil compared favourably against 0.1% hydrocortisone creams (which is the standard strength treatment offered to most dry skin and eczema sufferers) at both reducing dryness and redness. Efficacy trials found that Defensil decreased skin sensitivity by almost 50% and skin dryness by 35% just 15 minutes after application.

The anti-drying effects of Defensil are due to the presence of natural steroids called phytosteroles in an isolated form of concentrated Cadriospermum seed extract called Beta-Sitosterol, which has been found in trials to help reduce the irritation caused by very dry skin.

A UK consumer trial overseen by a UK doctor on Defensil on 25 testers indicated that Defensil reduced dryness and skin sensitivity better or as well as prescribed treatments, while being nicer to use and less worrying in terms of negative side effects attributed to regular use of medicated creams containing steroids.

Defensil Rescue Serum should be used twice daily on very dry or chapped patches of skin during cold weather as an intense skin barrier protection treatment to help prevent further drying, flaking and irritation.

Defensil costs £9.95 for 75ml and is available from or call: 0844 700 9975


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