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Celeb make up secret!!

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Celeb make up secret!!

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

We love make-up – we hate when it gets onto an outfit; now Catherine Zeta-Jones and Mary-Louise Parker’s wardrobe master has revealed his secret to instant removal of that splash of foundation or smear of lipstick to leaves clothes camera ready immediately (or for us civilians, work, date or just life ready…)

Hollywood Celebrity Secret – Sarah Smith Stain Away Wipes!
Catherine Zeta-Jones’ secret to looking spotless

Cult cleaning company Somerset-based Sarah Smith has hit the A-List with its Stain Away Wipes being used on the set of new action film Red 2, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker and being filmed in London and Paris.

Wardrobe Master Kevin Pratten contacted Sarah Smith to say how much he loved the wipes.

Kevin commented:  “They are absolutely fantastic. We have used them on a number of clothes and have managed to take away everything and have left no residue – which is so important on camera. So I just wanted to say how great these wipes were, and that I will definitely use and recommend for future filming.”

As well as being red carpet friendly, the wipes are also British-made, reducing air-miles, safeguarding local jobs and ensuring British quality.

The wipes are available in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose at £1.99 for 14.

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