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What exactly is a peptide?

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What exactly is a peptide?

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

‘Peptides’ are thrown across our adverts, they sound great and make us want a product with their ‘pentapeptides’ and ‘heptapeptides’. They make our skin soft, less wrinkled, our hair will be more lustrous, but what exactly are they?

There are only 20 amino acids in the body and a peptide is quite simply a combination of amino acids or a chain of amino acids together. If a chain is more than 50 amino acids long it is called a protein but if it is less than 20 amino acids it is called a PEPTIDE.

Peptides influence the cells in the body and different peptides influence cells in different ways. Peptides used in skin care generally are formulated to increase collagen levels or to thicken the skin. These peptides are synthetic and keep their formation upon penetration.

Quite simply a tri- peptide means a chain of 3 amino acids, penta-peptide shows their are 5 amino acids, hexa-peptide a chain of 6 and so on. For instance Argeriline is the patented name for acetyl-hexapeptide-3, it helps to relax fine lines and wrinkles.

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