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Good things Deep Clean Blackhead Exfoliator for smooth clear skin

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Good things Deep Clean Blackhead Exfoliator for smooth clear skin

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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We all understand the basic concept behind exfoliating. “Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and helps keep pores clear and prevent blackheads from forming.” says Alice Hart-Davis, creator of Good Things skincare. But how should you really exfoliate young skin?

A good place to start is to use DEEP CLEAN Blackhead Exfoliator (£4.99, 150ml) from Good Things. It has been specially formulated for skin prone to breakouts and congestion, and contains smooth micro-beads to polish away the dead skin cells that could block pores and make the skin appear dull. Anti-inflammatory liquorice and soothing willow bark help reduce bacteria levels while papaya helps boost skin radiance.

“Think ‘polish’, rather than ‘scrub’,” advises Alice, “exfoliating needs to be done gently. All you are trying to do is help shift dead skin cells off the skin’s surface. Rubbing and scrubbing is unnecessary and will make your skin sore.”

“Keep it smooth: choose a product whose exfoliating particles are tiny round spheres rather than rough crystals which can create a mass of mini-scratches on the skin. It will do the job just fine, but take less of a toll on the surface of your skin.”

“Exfoliating is good for dry skin, too: many people fear that exfoliating dry skin will make it drier. In fact, gently removing dead cells from the surface of your skin will provide a fresher, smoother surface so that your moisturiser will sink in better and do a more effective job.”

How to Use:

Massage gently into damp skin, paying attention to the T-zone, where dirt and oil help those dead cells stick on. Rinse well with warm water. Can be used every day. For best results, follow with an oil-free moisturiser such as Good Things Miracle Mattifier (£7.99, 100ml).


Good Things products are available from Boots and Sainsbury’s you can find out more information at

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