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Dermalogica introduces Active Resurface 35

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Dermalogica introduces Active Resurface 35

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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Today, more than ever, the desire to reverse the signs of ageing and achieve luminous skin has found its way to the top of most clients’ priority list. However, modern lifestyle has prevented us from investing enough time in professional skin treatments to deliver these results.

Dermalogica have recently Introduced Active Resurface 35; an advanced 45-minute resurfacing treatment that utilises a cocktail of the most advanced cosmeceutical ingredients available in today’s innovative skin care arena.

 How it works

Skin care professionals recognise exfoliation as one of the most effective treatments for addressing major skin concerns. With maturity, our skin’s natural desquamation process slows, causing a build-up of dead corneocytes at the skin’s surface. This decrease in cell turnover is also accompanied by a slowdown in the cell renewal rate.

Active Resurface 35 is a professional skin treatment completely customisable to individual skin requirements, providing intense resurfacing to stimulate cell renewal and cell turnover whilst helping to treat the following skin concerns:

–        Premature ageing/sun damage/fine lines

–        Pigmentation/uneven skin tone

–        Dehydration

–        Congestion

–        Dryness/flakiness

The hero formulation within the Active Resurface 35 treatment is Active Resurface 35. This AHA-BHA concentrate contains the highly active skin-smoothing ingredients of lactic acid and salicylic acid, along with a complex of proteolytic enzymes and peptides to boost exfoliation and result in ultra-smooth skin. In combination with Dermalogica’s professional exfoliation options, significant results are visible after one treatment experience.  This treatment is only performed at Dermalogica clinics, each client can have a bespoke treatment by utilising Dermalogica’s unique Skin Mapping program to get the best benefits with Active Resurface.

“Dermalogica does not rely upon one form of ‘active’ ingredient, but rather a synergy of ‘actives’ to achieve maximum results utilising a combination of cosmeceutical botanicals, alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA’s) and beta hydroxyl acids (BHA’s) – always with skin health as a priority”.

Exfoliant Accelerator 35 will be available in salons from April.  For more information on booking at a Dermalogica treatment centre near you call  0800 591 818 (UK)/1800 818 555 (Eire)


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Kathryn Danzey
I have a passion to bring to you what really works in the beauty industry, from a moisturiser to the latest advanced treatment for anti ageing. After almost 4 decades in the industry I'm packed with info to share but never tire of looking for new things and would love you to share your experiences with us too. We're here to help you find that treatment or product that will make a change for you. Can't do without My Collagen Shots and H3O Night Repair. Love a great serum and UV protection

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