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New App shows how booze can affect your looks

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New App shows how booze can affect your looks

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

Women are being offered a glimpse of the future by a smartphone app which shows how drinking too much could affect their looks.

It comes as part of efforts to target women aged 31 to 44 in a campaign to change attitudes about alcohol. Last year the Scottish government urged drinkers to take smaller glass sizes, to promote health and limit ageing.

It has now updated its “drinking mirror” app to show how cutting back could improve your looks over 10 years.
Official estimates suggest one in every 30 deaths among women is alcohol-related.

Figures from the Scottish Health Survey also indicate more than one in three regularly drink more than is good for their health – the recommended weekly guideline of 14 units for women.

Health Secretary Alex Neil told BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme: “Over the past 20 years or so there has been a doubling in the number of deaths of women aged 31 to 44 as a result of over-consumption of alcohol and there’s been a trebling of the incidence of cirrhosis and liver disease as well.”

The featured picture shows a young woman as she is now and the top right as she will be in just 10 years time but with reducing the size of her glass the damage to her appearancecould be reduced to the effects below

Another way to reduce the effect alcohol may have is to drink water before and in between each unit of alcohol.

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