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What will your resolutions be in 2013?

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What will your resolutions be in 2013?

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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A survey of 1,000 over 18s conducted by OnePoll on behalf of InstructorLive has revealed our average monthly spend on gym membership during 2012, the average number of visits per month during 2012 as well as  people’s New Year’s resolutions for 2013. The full release and results can be found here:

Fitness conscious women will make on average 2.7 New Year’s resolutions to kick off 2013 compared with their male counterparts who will settle for an average of only 2.17.

Among those with gym memberships and those who attend exercise classes the most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2013 will be:

  • Eat more healthily:  Avg: 38.20%  –  (F:  44.27%,  M: 32.21%)
  • Get fit:  Avg:  Avg: 31.40%  –  (F: 34.81%,  M: 28.03%)
  • Lose weight:  Avg: 29.20%  –  (F: 37.22%,  M: 21.27%)
  • Save money / spend less: Avg:  19.50%  –  (F: 25.75%, M: 13.32%)
  • Get a new job:  Avg: 16.30%  – (F: 15.49%, M: 17.10%)

Men and women share the same focus, with both sexes intent on improving their diet and weight as their top three resolutions. For women, the fourth most common resolution was to save money with over a quarter of respondents looking to improve their bank balances. Almost half as many men (13%) included saving money in their top five resolutions, instead choosing to find a new job (17%) and cancel their gym membership (14%).

While women get less value than men from their gym membership paying on average 44p more per visit than their male counterparts, only 10% of female respondents intend to cancel their gym memberships in 2013. The fifth most popular resolution for women was to manage their time better, selected by 16% of female respondents.

For those looking to kick their New Year’s resolutions off in January by saving money, losing weight and getting fit, InstructorLive is running a New Year’s Day Detox Special at 15:00 that has been designed to clear away the cobwebs.

The survey of 1,000 adults who either have a gym membership or went to the gym / exercise classes during 2012 was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of InstructorLive, the provider of live, online fitness classes that can be enjoyed with friends. The survey examined average monthly spend on gym membership and exercise classes, the number of sessions respondents attended and asked respondents to select up to five New Year’s Resolutions they intended to adopt in 2013.

Check out Instructor Live’s video for cellulite busting by clicking here.

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