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Tattoo Removal

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Tattoo Removal

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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Tattoos have become a very popular way of permanently modifying our appearance however as time passes we can come to regret the decision. What seemed like a good idea at the time can cause problems in later life. An unwanted tattoo can lead to psychological distress and cause difficulty in social and work environments.

e-raze tattoo removal utilises a specially designed inorganic chemical remover developed by Rejuvi Laboratory California which is applied in the same method as the original tattoo, it’s designed to draw the tattoo pigment out of the skin,
removing the unwanted tattoo.

Rejuvi tattoo remover can only be applied by an experienced tattoo or micropigmentation artist, it is not suitable for home tattoo removal use, it is not a DIY fade product.

A body tattoo can be removed on average in around three to four treatments*, while permanent makeup can usually be removed in a single treatment* e-raze tattoo removal is equally effective on all tattoo colours and is effective on both professionally applied and most home made tattoos.

We spoke to Naomi O’Hara of Permanent Cosmetics, Naomi has been using Eraze for several years and commented:

‘The Eraze, “Rejuvi” method of non laser tattoo removal is amazing.  By having a gap of at least eight weeks between treatments the skin heals to a ‘like new’ state giving optimum results.

Rejuvi cream is tattooed into the skin, much like the method used to create the original tattoo.  The rejuvi cream goes into the skin and acts as a magnet to the ink in the tattoo.  The ink and Rejuvi combine to form a molecule too large to stay in the skin.  The body then naturally expels from the skin up to the surface.  The area scabs and when it comes away from the skin removes part or all of the ink from the skin.

Following an aftercare regime such as not getting the area wet for 7 days and not picking the scabs is important but we are seeing fantastic results.  I believe that we can removal tattoos quicker using this method and it is also not colour selective so can removal all colours of ink.’

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