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Spotlight on Teas

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Spotlight on Teas

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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We are all familiar with the comforting feeling a nice cup of steaming hot tea gives us, but did you know that some teas also have amazing health and beauty benefits?

So, I thought I’d take you on a journey around the world to highlight some of the little know teas and their health benefits–our journey begins in South Africa.

Rooibos Tea otherwise known as Red Bush tea (it is, in fact, derived from a small evergreen scrub grown in South Africa) is packed full of antioxidants, and even has some not found in any other teas. It has a high concentration of flavonoids, zinc (aids in repairing skin tissues) and alpha hydroxy acid (known to have skin rejuvenating benefits) which are amazing for the skin and magnesium which is a necessary mineral for a healthy nervous system. The anti-oxidants in rooibos limit the effects of free radicals (the by-products of normal cell function) in the process of ageing and the decline of the immune system.

Another variation of rooibos is green rooibos, which also has some amazing benefits. Whilst it may have all the benefits of red, it also packs a powerful punch of its own, as it is un-oxidized. Therefore, some of its health giving benefits are increased by as much as 30-40%.Rooibos contains high quantities of a powerful anti-oxidants that mimics SOD (super oxide dismutase) activity– the most aggressive natural protection against free radical damage, and we all know that our skin is fighting against the damage free radicals do to it every day. Moreover, rooibos contains number of aminerals, is low in tannin, and is also caffeine free.

You don’t necessarily have to drink it neat, as many tea companies now add the most wonderful flavours, so as to make it taste even sweeter than it already does. You can now indulge in rooibos perfumed with vanilla pods, lavender and even chocolate.

So go on, put the kettle and have a cuppa, as it may well the elixir of youth.

Sarah @BeautyBizNews

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