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H20oh! Heaven

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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We read everywhere that we need to drink more water, it’s a fact that almost 3/4 of the worlds population is dehydrated.  Drinking tea and coffee isn’t really that much of a help as for every cup you have you really need to compensate with  glasses of water and for every unit of alcohol that equates to 4 glasses of water.

Let’s look at the benefits.

Maintaining healthy weight

Drinking water helps to regulate the appetite, we often mistake thirst for hunger, so before you reach for a snack have a glass of water first.

Increased energy levels

If you have a flagt energy spot in the afternoon try a glass of water, hydration can help to sustain energy levels through this dip

Healthy bones

Bones are 50% water, this helps to create healthy new bone cells.

Eliminate toxins

Water  helps to flush toxins and other harmful waste from the lymphatic system, kidneys and intestines. By keeping your system flushed, you will not suffer from the uncomfortable symptoms of a clogged lymphatic system, which can include fatigue and other health problems. Help your liver and kidneys do their jobs by giving them enough fluid to keep your body functioning at its most optimum level.

Water for your brain

In order for your brain to function properly, and have effective electrical functioning, your brain needs the right amount of water. It is estimated that the human brain gives off the same amount of electricity that a 60 watt light bulb does, and imagine how difficult it must be to get all that work done without enough fuel? Giving your brain enough water is another motivating factor to drink more water.

Healthy skin

Everybody considers a glowing and healthy skin, free of blemishes and blackheads, to be the most coveted feature to a human face. People spend thousands on skin care products each and every year to help them achieve the beautiful, rosy glow of a glossy and healthy skin. What they forget is that drinking enough water will get them half way there, if not more. One of the most important reasons to drink water is for your skin. Water helps to flush out the toxins and keep your skin looking fresh and healthy every day.

Good digestion

Drinking enough water aids the effective functioning of the digestive system. For all of those people who suffer from the uncomfortable symptoms of constipation, fibre on its own may not be enough to help you alleviate the problem. In order for the digestive system to be efficient in waste removal, there needs to be enough water to help the functions. So before your reach for a high fibre supplement, check on your water intake first.

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