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Stella is so beautiful



Stella is so beautiful

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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What sort of a world do we live in when a beautiful young lady feels that she has to pose in a bikini to answer her critics.  I’m glad Stella Boonshoft did pose in a bikini because I want to tell her she is beautiful.  We are not all size 6 or have legs up to our armpits.  We are all individual and that is what is so fantastic.

Here is an excerpt of what Stella actually posted and sorry Stella I have posted your picture to show the world how gorgeous you are. 

WARNING: Picture might be considered obscene because subject is not thin. And we all know that only skinny people can show their stomachs and celebrate themselves. Well I’m not going to stand for that. This is my body. Not yours. MINE. Meaning the choices I make about it …

If my big belly and fat arms and stretch marks and thick thighs offend you, then that’s okay. I’m not going to hide my body and my being to benefit your delicate sensitivities.

I have never been skinny, have ‘solid legs’ and stretch marks, I always wish I was thinner, had longer legs and don’t worry about my stretch marks any more – but it’s me and the skin I am in!   Love yourself – it’s you and you are beautiful just as Stella is!!

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