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Permanent make up can give you a flawless finish!

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Permanent make up can give you a flawless finish!

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey
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Dunja is  the queen of London’s Permanent Makeup Specialists. Her work has made PERMANENT MAKEUP AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE. No longer is it a treatment just for in-the-know celebrities, anyone who wishes to improve and enhance their natural beauty can benefit from undetectable permanent makeup. A ture artist can make smudges and touchups throughout the day a thing of the past.

Not all permanent make up artists can truly bring out the best in each client, however, Dunja has a unique ability to work with her clients to develop on their natural beauty to achieve stunning results – and the effects can be life changing. 3D® Eyebrows, 3D® Eyeliner& 3D® Lips are all non-invasive treatments.

Recent advances in high definition digital broadcast technology mean that celebrity clients are more demanding as their close-ups become increasingly unforgiving. Dunja rose to the challenge and developed new methods to achieve perfectly natural looking results for her clients.

Dunja’s has great intuition and  her understanding of the essential interaction of dermal tissue, facial muscles and skin type has led her to create techniques such as the 3D® system, which is now recognised as the gold-standard method of application in the industry.  She has taken permanent make up to a new level, there is no longer a need to have a ‘flat looking result’, her work combines new techniques with a variety of shades to give a stunningly perfect multi-dimensional 3D® finish. Using specialise shading Dunja can give the appearance of a professional makeup artist’s work to lips, eyes and brows.

If you are interested in permanent make up we recommend that you research well as not all practitioners can give the same results, Dunja is highly sought after, you can contact her at:

Lund Osler, 56 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7JN

For further details & to book in for a consultation please visit  or call the Lund Osler reception team on +44 (0) 207 245 6979

We do not recommend that you  book this treatment through a deal of the day site, it is essential that you thoroughly research your practitioner and the work that they have done.

Check out Dunja’s work below

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