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Could your feet do with a little TLC now summer has finished!



Could your feet do with a little TLC now summer has finished!

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Written by: Kathryn Danzey

It seems that, generally speaking, feet get bad press – we don’t like our own and we certainly don’t like other people’s. A new survey by footcare brand, Footner, has revealed that almost a third of men (30%) and 39% of women find feet the least attractive body part on the opposite sex. Almost a third of women confessed that bad feet would be a definite turn-off in the search for a potential partner. Knowing this, isn’t it time we all tried a little harder to put our best feet forward?

Despite 67% of us feeling the pressure for our feet to look good, it would seem few of us treat our feet with the tender loving care they deserve. Virtually all of the women surveyed (87%) dedicate less than £10 a month to footcare, including any professional beauty treatments. Over half of the women questioned (51%) said they would be likely to spend the most amount on footcare during summer, with just 6% investing in their poor neglected feet during the winter months.

In fact, foot abuse appears to be on the rise – although 79% of the women questioned currently own up to 20 pairs of shoes, the desire to look good far outweighs the comfort factor, with almost a third (30%) admitting to wearing shoes that cause pain or discomfort, for the sake of looking good.

It is a fact that we all feel more attractive when we have well-kept feet, 59% of women agreed with this statement. Over two thirds (67%) of the women surveyed said they were embarrassed by the state of their feet. Indeed a fifth of women surveyed (20%) were so ashamed of their less-than-perfect tootsies that they said they actively avoid situations where they have to be barefoot because they are so embarrassed.  But now, help is at foot!

Footner Exfoliating Socks are a revolutionary single application solution to unwanted hard skin and cracked heel formation. Safe and easy to use, the new, award-winning socks activate the skin’s peeling effect with just one 60 minute application, causing the upper layer of skin to peel away and completely removing any trace of hard skin build-up, without affecting healthy skin cells.

Foot care specialist Footner has a comprehensive line of foot care products to treat and prevent hard skin and cracked heels or to simply moisturise and treat feet all year round.

Footner Exfoliating Socks RRP £19.99.

Footner Exfoliating Socks are available at larger Boots stores nationwide and online at

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