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Why Planning Your Meals can Help you Lose Weight

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Why Planning Your Meals can Help you Lose Weight

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Written by: Hannah
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It’s the usual story, you come in from work, kids are nagging, phones ringing and you need to find something for tea but don’t know what to cook. Look in the freezer and there’s pizza which will do for the kids and you’ll have takeaway later. Sound like your house? Here’s some help to change it.

  • First of all you have to be willing to change your routine a little bit. In the long run, it will make life easier as you will be more organised. Depending on your diary, pick a day to plan all your meals for the following week and then shop for the ingredients
  • Batch cook things like sauces and soups. As we head towards winter, soups can be great lunchtime meals as well as super quick evening ones. Portion them up and pop them in the freezer to use at a later date. Having food already in the freezer limits the temptation to get a takeaway because you have something healthy to eat.
  • If you don’t have unhealthy foods such as crisps, chocolate, cakes and biscuits in the house then you can’t snack on them meaning fruit and healthier options become more appealing.
  • You can save a fortune on food. Not only do you not need to buy takeaways and ready meals which are expensive, food waste is reduced too.
  • The whole family will feel happier and healthier through eating home cooked food.

Here are some ideas of meals which can be frozen:

  • Bolognaise sauce
  • Chilli
  • Casseroles
  • Curry
  • Hidden vegetable pasta sauce- great for children
  • Lasagne

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