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HD Brows



HD Brows

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Written by: Ruth Amos


i wrote a while back about getting my eyebrows done. on the post one of the comments recommended Kylie Ward. A few months ago I realised that I couldn’t keep doing my eyebrows myself; I needed a little help, so I gave Kylie a call. I’ve been to see her three times now, and I am defiantly going to be keeping this up. She charged £25.00 and you get a lovely discount card, sixth treatment for free.

I have paid for all my treatments, I will be continuing to pay for my treatments, but I would recommend Kylie highly (@thekylieward). Below are some pretty pictures.

beautiful eyebrows by Kylie

If you want to know what HB Brows are they check out

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Ruth Amos
I lead a busy and exciting life, I do many things, but throughout all of these i have a love for Beauty- hair, makeup, clothing, excercise and general health. I am not a professional, im just a normal girl blogging about what I love

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